Xanadu and the Tweetstorm, 

Bryant Wieneke's latest political thriller, is now available!


Writer's Digest Review: "Wieneke does a fantastic job of tapping into his characters to contribute their unique tones to the narration of Xanadu and the Tweetstorm, a skill that has undoubtedly been developed through writing his other books in the Priority Series. Though I haven’t had the pleasure of perusing those, it’s clear that the author has spent a lot of time developing his characters and the world in which they live, creating a complex backdrop that is fairly similar to the real world. In fact, I’d say that the parallels he draws are pretty intuitive, if not a little frightening. To have an author who is able to write political fiction and make it as engaging as Wieneke does takes a certain kind of writing style that not everyone can grasp or pull off."

About the Author

Bryant Wieneke has written an eclectic set of books, from the uplifting tale of his life-and-death battle with Stage 4 cancer (Melanoma without a Cause) to the lighthearted account of his Peace Corps adventures in West Africa  (A Dry and Thirsty Land). His creative biographies focus on the moments when pivotal figures in history came up with their most impactful ideas, and his political thrillers offer a practical humanitarian alternative to violence. His most recent novel, Xanadu and the Tweetstorm, tells the compelling story of how international politics can affect the lives of ordinary people. 


Priority One, The Santa Barbara Priority, The Mission Priority, Timbuktu and Ouaga Too, Beware of Pirates, A Grain of Sand, and 

Xanadu and the Tweetstorm

The Priority Series is a fast-paced, action-oriented set of anti-war novels for the post-9/11 era. The adventures begin with a pacifistic water specialist getting drafted to work with a gung-ho Homeland Security agent in the War on Terror. Over the course of the series, the two figures - along with a sexy Russian agriculturalist and numerous local personalities -  become part of a unique program designed to deter sub-Saharan terrorism through humanitarian efforts. But militarism and violence cast a long shadow, especially following America's presidential election of 2016. Against the magnificent backdrop of the Sahara Desert, the Priority Series presents an idealism that captures the spirit of common values across cultures and culminates in real hope for the future. 



Bryant Wieneke has written a political suspense book like a modern day Robert Ludlum for lovers of suspenseful political thrillers. He spins an elaborate espionage tale that forces the reader to turn pages. 


Lawrence and Ezequiel Lihosit in Peace Corps Writers about The Mission Priority



Priority Series Novels


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