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AHA! Moments 

The Day Albert Einstein Discovered Relativity

The Day Rachel Carson Invented Environmentalism

The Day Charles Darwin Discovered Natural Selection

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The Day Albert Einstein Discovered Relativity
ISBN: 9798583087297

Twenty-six-year-old Albert Einstein is living a quiet life in Switzerland with his wife and baby, but his mind is not quiet. He is haunted by the belief that there's something terribly wrong in the world of physics. It's All Relative tells the gripping story of how this simple yet brilliant young man changed the world by recognizing the earth-shattering importance of a common event. No one has ever told the Einstein story in such a personal and insightful way.

The Day Rachel Carson Invented Environmentalism 
ISBN: 9798849764542

Rachel Carson was an eminent scientist and the foremost nature writer in the United States when she stumbled - or rather crashed - into the realization of what the indiscriminate use of insecticides and pesticides was doing to water systems, plants and animals, and ultimately the health of the American people. A soft-spoken and introverted person, Carson sacrificed a successful career to campaign against this short-sighted contamination of the earth, while she herself was dying of breast cancer. This book is a very personal look at the writer of Silent Spring and an American heroine.

The Day Charles Darwin Discovered Natural Selection
ISBN: 9798598481806

Dr. Darwin's hopes for his son were fading fast when Charles suddenly asked him to pay for his trip around the world on the HMS Beagle. Charles loved to explore the world of plants, animals and insects, and this voyage would give hiim almost five years to indulge this passion. The Day Charles Darwin Discovered Natural Selection allows the reader to join this ordinary but perspicacious and persistent young man as he examines animal and plant life from a new perspective, seeing what many have seen before him, but understanding it in a strange and wonderful way.


Too Much with Us, Late and Soon (2023)

Very Bad and Very Horrible (2021) 

Xanadu and the Waterstick 2020) 

A Grain of Sand (2018)

Beware of Pirates (2013)  

Timbuktu and Ouaga Too (2011)

The Mission Priority (2009) 

The Santa Barbara Priority (2008)  

Priority One (2007) 

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411eBW-hDLL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_ (1).jpg

Too Much with Us, Late and Soon

ISBN-13: 979-8840999882
In Bryant Wieneke's newest and most surprising novel, American politics take a positive turn. Challenges are met with courage and conviction, and the welfare of the nation is far more important than anyone's personal agenda. In Africa, the Great Green Wall is gaining momentum, the effects of climate change are difficult to fight. Meanwhile, Kendall Smith is in D.C., and the diagnosis is not good.

Very Bad and Very Horrible
ISBN-13: 9798728533139

In this timely and provocative new novel, the U.S. and China square off in the Sahara Desert, fighting over minerals, access to trade routes, and economic supremacy. Writer's Digest writes in its review: "The author develops a knowledgeable, suspenseful story as he follows the paths of several characters in the US, Africa and China, as war breaks out in the Sahara. . . . The characters are well-drawn and dynamic. . . . The author shares a thoughtful, compassionate, and knowledgeable approach to world conflict."

Xanadu and the Tweetstorm

ISBN-13: 9781707298891

Writer's Digest Review: "Wieneke does a fantastic job of tapping into his characters to contribute their unique tones to the narration of Xanadu and the Tweetstorm, a skill that has undoubtedly been developed through writing his other books in the Priority Series. Though I haven’t had the pleasure of perusing those, it’s clear that the author has spent a lot of time developing his characters and the world in which they live, creating a complex backdrop that is fairly similar to the real world. In fact, I’d say that the parallels he draws are pretty intuitive, if not a little frightening. To have an author who is able to write political fiction and make it as engaging as Wieneke does takes a certain kind of writing style that not everyone can grasp or pull off."


A Grain of Sand, nominated for the 2018 Peace Corps Worldwide Maria Thomas Fiction Award!

Following a regional conflict known as the African Summer, a global initiative emerges that could change the face of West Africa, but politics, corruption, and the threat of terrorism get in the way. An international group is caught up in the excitement and danger, recognizing this pivotal moment in the region's development. The challenges are immense, but in this novel of intrigue and deception, no one who believes in a more prosperous and peaceful future for West Africa is giving up.

Beware of Pirates

ISBN-13: 978-1725691483

Beware of Pirates pushes the on-going dispute about the direction of American foreign policy into new arenas. Organized militia from the over-drilled Niger Delta foment revolution by hijacking an American supertanker off the coast of Nigeria. Numerous countries in West Africa suddenly face violent uprisings in a phenomenon that becomes known as the African Summer. Kendall Smith manages to stay one step ahead of the rebels, but it is not easy for him to differentiate between right and wrong, especially in a world where the choices are not black and white.  

Timbuktu and Ouaga Too

ISBN-13: 978-1725560086

Timbuktu and Ouaga Too is a compelling glimpse into the mysterious Sahara, as well as a dramatic chronicle of one man’s journey into the unknown. An American tourist gets involved with terrorists when he signs up for a camel caravan into the desert. Attempting to follow him, Kendall Smith is taken hostage. He escapes with the help of a new and surprising American agent as well as the beautiful Russian agent from Priority One.  They make their way to the cultural mecca of Timbuktu, but the terrorists are already there, and the race to freedom has begun.

The Mission Priority

ISBN-13: 978-1725161627

The third novel in the Priority Series, The Mission Priority, switches back and forth between southern California and the southern edge of the Sahara. Desert. Set in one of America’s landmark hotels, there are as many twists and turns in the plot as there are in the maze of stairways. While Jason Perez attempts to defuse the threat by attacking the suspects, Kendall Smith struggles to find a less violent deterrent. At the same time, he is becoming a little closer than he should to Perez’s new wife. A presidential candidate's life is on the line as the Secret Service is dispatched in the thrilling climax.

The Santa Barbara Priority

ISBN-13: 978-1724923011

In The Santa Barbara Priority, Kendall Smith is again hounded by hawkish DHS Agent Jason Perez. A terrorist threat from a source in the Sahara is emerging on American soil. Intercepted phone chatter in West Africa leads the two main characters to one of America’s legendary surf and party towns, the Santa Barbara suburb of Isla Vista. Between running on the beach, eating Mexican food, and interacting with the sex-obsessed locals, the mixed-matched pair investigates the potential threat. Just when they are about to give up on the investigation, however, it blows up in Kendall’s face.

Priority One

ISBN 13: 978-1724471802

The first novel in the series, Priority One, unfolds in the southern Sahara. Water expert Kendall Jackson Smith is pressed into action when a Homeland Security agent informs him that terrorists are producing weapons-grade uranium in West Africa. Distracted by a mysterious and beautiful Russian agriculturalist, Smith walks a tightrope between his principles and the need to avert catastrophe. As a Stealth bomber makes its way toward the enrichment plant, this riveting novel explores the question of how much violence is required to deter violence in the complex world of global terrorism.


Melanoma without a Cause
How the New Miracle Immunotherapy Drugs and My Own Immune System Helped Me Fight Stage Four Cancer

ISBN-13: 978-1544825588

Melanoma without a Cause is a tale of survival following a devastating diagnosis of metastatic melanoma in May 2016. Fighting through some heavy side effects, the author is saved by a treatment not available even a few years ago. He is given the immunotherapy drugs Yervoy and Opdivo, manufactured by Bristol-Myers Squibb. With amazing success, they stimulate his immune system to target and destroy the cancer cells that have spread throughout his body. Melanoma with a Cause chronicles the author’s treatment and remarkable turnaround in 2016, and he is now in remission. YAY!

A Dry and Thirsty Land
The Misadventures of a Peace Corps Volunteer in West Africa

ISBN-13: 978-1725883666

A Dry and Thirsty Land Takes us back to the 1970s during a severe drought on the southern edge of the Sahara Desert. As a 22-year-old Peace Corps Volunteer, the author faces challenges to his health, self-image and sense of humor. His job was to teach agricultural techniques, though he had never been on a farm in his life, in a language he didn't speak. He barely survives the in-country training period due to a bout with malaria. The heat was scorching, and the insects were large and plentiful, yet he completes his two-year stint with a new perspective that serves as a foundation for the rest of his life.

Winning without the Spin
A True Hero in American Politics

ISBN: 1-56072-705-5

PUBLISHED BY NOVA SCIENCE PUBLISHERS (KORSHKA IMPRINT), THIS BOOK HAS BEEN ACCEPTED INTO THE POLITICAL NON-FICTION SECTION OF THE JOHN F. KENNEDY LIBRARY IN BOSTON, MASS. Winning without the Spin tells the story of Walter Capps, a long-time and beloved professor of religious studies who shocked the 22nd District of California and the nation in 1996 by becoming the District's first Democratic Representative in fifty years. Told through the eyes of the operations manager for the campaign, few books have chronicled the day-to-day activities of a campaign in such detail or with such appreciation for the absurdities of political life. Above all, Winning without the Spin is a tribute to the memory of Walter Capps, who understood that the true purpose of politics is to bring people together, not drive them apart. 

Other Fiction

112th & B'way: A 1980s Romantic Disaster

112th and B'way
A 1980s Romantic Disaster


A young man meets an unforgettable woman in Los Angeles, and they fall head over heels without fear of consequences. At first, there is nothing but the other, but their dreams soon fray against the hard edges of life in New York City. 


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