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A Long Time Comin'

I started this blog when I was in the throes of cancer treatment, as a follow-up to my 2017 book, Melanoma without a Cause. That book chronicles my journey from diagnosis of Stage 4 cancer (metastatic melanoma) to NED (no evidence of disease), thanks to the miracle of immunotherapy drugs. It was a real roller-coaster ride, but it's been more than three years since I stopped treatment and my oncologist told me this week that I was still cancer-free. My bloodwork, brain MRI and full-body CT scan were clear.

Wonderful news, and Elvira and I celebrated. That kind of news never gets old and is never taken for granted.

So, why have I returned to the blog if my check-up was the same as it has been since 2018? First, it gives me another opportunity to thank everyone who made my recovery possible, especially Elvira, as well as those who followed my recovery and supplied everything from uplifting notes of support to frozen spaghetti. THANK YOU!!! Second, it gives me the opportunity to inform everyone that I am planning to change the nature of this blog.

From now on, I plan to blog about my writing, which is the focus of the website where this blog resides. Highlighted are my three non-fiction books, including Melanoma without a Cause, and the eight novels in my Priority Series. These novels tell the adventurous story of characters trying to improve conditions in sub-Saharan Africa and, ultimately, provide a template for a more peaceful American foreign policy. The ninth and final book in this series, Stranger at the Wall, is being edited now and should be available within a few months.

All of these books are available on Amazon.

With the Priority Series coming to a close, I have embarked on a new project, called the Day in the Life series. This set of books will tell the remarkable story of the day Albert Einstein discovered relativity, Charles Darwin discovered natural selection, Rachel Carson discovered environmentalism, and many others. The books are not traditional biographies; they are insights into how these sometimes quirky but very likeable individuals saw what no one else had ever seen, and provided a new way of looking at the world. The nature of their insights is presented in a personal way, allowing us not only to appreciate the beauty of their creativity, but to understand that all of us are capable of it.

Every Saturday, beginning on March 12, I plan to place an excerpt of The Day Albert Einstein Discovered Relativity on this blog. I hope you will follow this story with me., even as I continue my efforts to interest literary agents in this series. Thus far, they have been profoundly and politely disinterested, a reaction to my writing that has been occurring regularly for about 25 years. Oh well . . .


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